The Jewish-Muslim PeaceWalk...
PeaceWalk in the Media

March 22, 2004 Tucson Citizen, "JEWISH-MUSLIM PEACEWALK: Tucsonans march as Mideast rages" by Ty Young

March 18, 2004 Tucson Weekly, "Walk for Peace" by Deborah Mayaan

November/December 2003 Fellowship Magazine, "Walking to the Heartland of Peace: A Muslim-Jewish Initiative" by Lynn Gottlieb

September 09, 2003 Open Source Politics, "Walking the Path of Peace" by Vanessa Gatsch

Monday, January 12, 2004 Las Vegas City Life, "A dire situation" by Saab Lofton

ABQ Journal "From Synagogue to Mosque, 300 Walk for Peace" by Lloyd Jojola (courtesy of The Monthly Megillah)